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Pre-conference Workshops
African Virtual Library and Information Network (AVLIN)
Identifying resources for ASKIA: Antonin Benoît DIOUF | Mohamed Timoulali
Leadership Mentoring: Jacinta Were

WSIS Follow Up
UNESCO Internet Study
Internet and Human Rights / Capacity building needs for IG and Internet public policy dialogues

Main Conference
WSIS issues, including the future of IGF and the AU Declaration on IG:
Macktar Seck | PPT
AUC | AU Declaration on Internet Governance (draft)

Public Access to Information & Knowledge in the context of the SDGs:
Emilar Vushe | PPT
Buhle Mambo-Thata | PPT
Dr. Victoria Okojie | Session Report | Session Recommendations

Connecting the next billions:
Jimson Olufuye | PPT
Gloria Katuuku | PPT
Michael Kottoh | PPT

Addressing cybersecurity issues, including SPAM:
Macktar Seck | PPT
Michael Ilishebo | PPT
Halefom Hailu | PPT

Human Rights on the Internet:
Salisu Kaka | PPT
George Kristensen | PPT
Chenai Chair | PPT

IANA Stewardship Transition:
Mary Uduma | PPT
Mohamed Tijani Ben Jemaa | PPT1 | PPT2

Net Neutrality and its implications:
Janvier Ngnoulaye | PPT
Antony Chigaazira | PPT

Enhancing Multi-stakeholder Cooperation:
Cisse Kane | PPT

Sustainable Development and the Internet Economy:
Michel Linze | PPT
James Mutandwa Madya | PPT

The African IGF: The way forward:
Towela Nyirenda Jere | PPT