Message for UNESCO CONNECTing the Dots

Top level, general messages for the UNESCO CONNECTing the Dots: Options for Future Action conference, 3 - 4 March 2015

  • The IGF appreciates the ongoing support that UNESCO has provided the IGF, its engagement in the IGF and its participation through its many workshops and speakers over the years.
  • The IGF notes the importance of the first multistakeholder meeting of the WSIS+10 review hosted by UNESCO in which the outcome documents reinforced the importance of the IGF and called on all stakeholders to “acknowledge the importance of and renew their commitment to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)”
  • We also note the role that the IGF has been able to play for UNESCO as a place to solicit inputs, to share views and to gain insights from the community. This manifested itself in the numerous WSIS Action Line related UNESCO organized workshops and more recently the soliciting of inputs to the UNESCO Internet Study that we are discussing here today. The IGF continues to provide a unique space in which all stakeholders can be reached for discussion on a myriad of Internet policy issues. We look forward to working with UNESCO and enabling discussions on the outputs of the UNESCO report and to helping shape UNESCO's future work.
  • We seek UNESCO's support for the IGF as the WSIS+10 review culminates at the UNGA in NY. The IGF’s mandate is up for renewal and we ask UNESCO and the stakeholders that support UNESCO’s important work to encourage governments to support the extension of the IGF.

Additional messages on improvements and enhancements that have been implemented since NETmundial and building on the success of the Istanbul IGF, notably:

  • more effective communication of tangible IGF outcomes;
  • five capacity building best practice fora to be held centre-stage of the IGF programme;
  • the roll out of a programme of inter-sessional activities which will involve and better integrate the national and regional IGFs in the preparation for IGF10 in Joao Pessao, Brazil, in November;
  • further extension of regional hubs for remote participation in all regions that will increase the involvement of stakeholders in developing countries and small island developing states who are not able physically to attend the IGF.

IGF 2015 themes in relation to UNESCO's mandate, WSIS+10 and post-MDG goals:

“Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development” - supported by eight sub-themes that will frame the discussions at IGF10:
Cybersecurity and Trust; Internet Economy; Inclusiveness and Diversity; Openness; Enhancing Multi-stakeholder Cooperation; Internet and Human Rights; Critical Internet Resources; Emerging Issues.